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What Is Cougar Dating?

Cougar dating is where older women are looking to meet, and have fun with, younger men and it's a growing trend in the dating world nowadays. Cougars are mature women who are in their dating prime; they are attractive and young at heart, and they want to find someone who fits their needs. For younger men who are seeking more relaxed or easy-going kind of relationships, dating a cougar is something that they should do at least once, because these are women who definitely know what they want in their life, and it's a great way to avoid the drama that comes with dating younger women. So, if you're one of the ladies who likes to meet younger men, or one of the guys looking for a hot cougar date, then our cougar dating site is right where you need to be! Cougar Root brings together older women and younger men online, and many of our members have already met dating success with their large age gap relationships.

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Gemma, 42 - "I've always wanted to date younger men. They are more fun to be with than men my age. What's more, being with a toy boy makes me feel young again! I've met Jacob just a week ago here at, and I can truly say that going out with him is an experience like no other! I'm already excited for our next meet at the Four Seasons - I'm sure we'll be having another great night out!"

Jason, 25 - "Sure, dating younger girls is fun, but being with an older woman - that's another story! I mean, who doesn't want to be with a girl who's got more experience and will make things easier for you when it comes to relationships? Many thanks to Cougar Root, I met Melanie a couple of months back, and she's not demanding (unlike my younger exes) - in fact, she understands me and we both agree easily on a lot of things. Glad to say that I've been having a great time with her."

Rachel, 48 - "The other day I was just chatting with Mike, a 28-year-old accountant from Sydney, here at Cougar Root. He was actually shy when we started our conversation, but eventually we both felt good around each other after a couple of hours of talking - our likes and dislikes, our past, and other things about ourselves. He's a nice, smart and funny man, and he's definitely someone whom I'd like to have as my toy boy!"

Edward, 26 - "I've always wondered what it's like to date an older woman. Though I hesitated entering the cougar dating scene at first, a friend of mine introduced me to Cougar Root, where I've chatted with some women who were eager to meet me. Funny thing is, I met Emma, who's also new to meeting up with younger guys. Thanks to this site, we're in perfect company now."

Stephanie, 36 - "The most difficult challenge of getting a young guy is actually finding the one who's on the prowl for a hot momma. You can always try the bar or club scene, but you'll just waste money buying your drinks while searching for your target. So, I thought why not try something much easier and free of charge? Luckily, while searching for toy boy dating sites, I came across Cougar Root, and here is where I met Gary. I certainly love his sweetness and energy, and he's definitely fun to be with. So, to all the cougars out there searching for their boy toys, is right where you need to be!"